Health Talk Radio

Health Talk Radio

“Health Talk Radio” is a weekly podcast that aims to uncover the truth about health, while offering solutions to some of the most common health challenges. We believe your health can only be as good as the information you receive, and after helping hundreds of thousands of people get healthy worldwide through our own work, it was time for us to come together and educate the masses with an all-new, funny, yet very informative health show.

Best-selling author Michael Morelli, and Clinical Nutritionist Paul Burgess set out to attack the world's biggest health challenges in a brand new Health Show that will have you laughing, taking notes, feeling amazing, and in much better health. Tune in each week as they cover current health trends, outdated research, bs science, and common diseases, this is the one Health Podcast that needs to be on your Playlist. Press play and see for yourself.

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