From Bankrupt to

8-Figure Fitness Icon

Do you ever feel like you’re living a life of unrealized potential? Like you’re meant for so much more than the life you’re living right now?

I’ve been there, too.

Today I’m a successful entrepreneur and in-demand coach who’s produced thousands of fitness videos, written a best-selling book, and launched a number of high-grossing digital training and nutrition programs. My content, programs, and products have impacted millions of lives and frankly, life is pretty amazing — sometimes I still pinch myself.

But I’m hardly an overnight success story: Just a handful of years ago, at the age of 31, I was a bankrupt and newly divorced drug addict living on my mother’s couch.

I’d been in and out of rehab for the past decade, and in the meantime I’d somehow managed to build a $5 million business. But eventually it all came crashing down: I lost my business and my marriage, and at that point I could’ve thrown in the towel for good. But instead, I seized the opportunity to make sure I never sank that low again.

Rebuilding My Life, One YouTube Video at a Time

In the midst of my depression, I got some news that rocked me: I was going to be a father. I took a long hard look at my life and knew it was time to make some radical changes. I could barely climb a flight of stairs without getting winded, and I wanted to make sure I’d be around to take care of my daughter.

So I dove headfirst into my fitness journey, doing endless situps, curls, and jumping jacks in my mother’s basement — and I decided to post one of my ab workouts on YouTube just for the hell of it. I got literally zero comments or likes, and only single-digit views for months… but something told me to keep going.

In just 113 days, I went from 25% body fat to 8%, but it was more than just a physical transformation. I’d become someone who set goals and smashed them, and now I had a whole new addiction. My workouts had shown me that consistency was key, and I began applying that to every other area of my life, including learning and creating rich valuable content.

Now I Help Others Discover Their Own Limitless Potential

At 39, I’m in the best shape of my life and love what I do. I get to engage daily with a community of over 4 million followers across our various social media channels, and I get to work on meaningful projects that help others lead better lives too.

I love to produce content, whether that’s a new youtube video, or new product, program, or service, and I love to coach the handful of 1-2-1 clients I have at any given time.

My life’s mission is simple:

It’s to help people live a better quality of life, and as long as I am doing that, I am on purpose, aligned, extremely happy,

and very fulfilled.

If you’re still reading, I cannot wait to connect with you on a deeper level.

To learn more about me, the addictions I’ve overcome, the businesses I’ve built, and the lives I’ve been blessed to touch, start with episode 1 of my podcast, it’s a great quick summary, plus it’s my favorite medium to connect with you on.

All the love and blessings to you and those you love.