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How to Shift Your Focus from Small Problems to Worthy Problems

28 Nov, 2019

How do you get over your small problems? Turn them into bigger, more worthy problems you an actually solve...

Have you ever had a day or a week where you didn’t have a single problem come up? Chances are, the answer is “no,” and not because problems come up all the time, but because most of the time, we are the problem. 

Think about that for a minute…

We are the problem. 

When we don’t have big problems to focus on, then we create small problems for us to try to fix. Most of our problems come and go, whether we ever find a solution to them or not. For example, I recently moved my family into a new house, and I was stressing because my dog slobbered on our new couch, and we dented the fridge. While these problems didn’t necessarily go away, I am no longer worried about them, nor do I view them as a problem. When these problems “go away,” they are simply replaced by new problems for us to focus on. 

Sometimes, our problems are big, and they do need our focus, but for the most part, they are small, silly problems that we focus on because we lack a large problem we can focus on. 

When our minds are in the midst of a problem and figuring out a solution, it causes anxiety, and we obsess about it in our present. This problem is happening at the moment and will affect our future, and when you can’t control the problem in the present, that is when it causes anxiety. It causes anxiety because we try to fix it in the present, and we can’t. 

If we can learn how to shift our focus away from our smaller problems, we could actually find a solution. 

Ridding Yourself of This Thought Pattern 

One thing that I’ve learned is that my mind is going to focus on problems no matter what. If we are going to try to find problems, whether they exist or not, why not choose to focus on problems that will help us grow and gain more awareness? Why can’t we choose and create the problems that we focus on? 

When you have problems that just get replaced by new ones, you end up on a continuous cycle. This is really just a thought pattern, and it is this thought pattern that causes anxiety and pulls us out of the present moment. 

The key is to rid yourself of this thought pattern and change these problems from small ones, into larger issues we can really focus on and solve. When I say make your small problems into big ones, what I mean is to make your problems into issues that are worth finding a solution to. This is how you truly solve your problems and rid yourself of anxiety.

Let me give you an example of what I mean. If I am having a problem in my business and there is an issue with manufacturing, instead of focusing on how I am going to fulfill orders, I can choose to focus on a more worthy problem like finding new manufacturing. 

Yes, I could just focus on fulfilling the orders and fixing the manufacturing issue, but what about next time? Chances are this issue will happen again, so instead, I can use my time and focus on finding replacement manufacturing that will prevent another error from occurring. 

If you are trying to figure out how to pay a bill, choose instead to find a way to make more money in the next year. If you are struggling to pay a bill now, the chances are that next month, you will have to struggle to pay it again. Instead, put all your focus on figuring out how you can make more money so that you don’t have to struggle to pay that bill anymore. That is a problem worthy of your focus. 

Grab the Steering Wheel of Your Life – You Are in Control

From here on out, I encourage you to rethink your problems. Take the small problems that you encounter every day and turn them into worthy problems that deserve your focus. Stop wasting time focusing on problems that just turn into anxiety when they are never going to be truly solved unless you change the way you think about them. If you are going to use your energy and your focus to solve something, why not use it to solve something that is worth solving? 

Instead of just paying the next bill or working on getting ahead, try to use your focus to create a problem whose solution will solve all your smaller problems. Figure out how you can make more money so you don’t have to worry about how you will be paying your next bill, or how to get ahead. 

If you start programming your mind to go out there and solve something that is actually going to be beneficial, your mind is going to come back with answers. Right now, we are programmed to replace our current problems with new ones. 

Whatever your problem is this week, cast a bigger, more worthy problem and start manifesting a solution. Start thinking about the solution to a great big problem that will potentially wipe out your smaller problems. 

Over the next week, try to shift your focus and retrain yourself to think about your problems on a larger scale. Start by choosing one big problem that you can work on solving that would potentially make your smaller problems disappear. Start work on that and let me know how it goes. 

Leave me a comment below, or reach out to me on Instagram. I would love to hear from you and the challenges you are facing. 

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