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Hi, I’m Michael

I’m a coach, a health nut, and an entrepreneur with numerous successful companies and over 4 million followers on social media — and more importantly, I wake up every morning to a life that I love. But things weren’t always this amazing for me: Just eight years ago (when I was 31), I was a recently divorced addict, bankrupt, and living on my mother’s couch. Now I help people like you awaken and ignite big transformative breakthroughs just like the one I had, so you can live a life that’s healthy, wealthy, and above all, incredibly happy.


Ready for an epic transformation? On each episode of my podcast, The Morelli Show, I’m digging deep to share the wisdom and learnings from my real-life experiences that will help you achieve greatness.

From battling a decade-long addiction to finally breaking free from depression, I get raw and real about what I overcame to build an eight-figure business empire and more importantly, a happy life — no sugarcoating, no BS. I share actionable tips and strategies for fitness, investing, relationships, parenting and more, with the goal of helping you create incredible health, wealth, and success for yourself and your family.

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